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    Christmas presents (swag thread)


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    Re: Christmas presents (swag thread)

    Post  kilomike on 28.12.11 0:27

    I just ordered some stuff off ASGI I will post some pics once i get it.

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    Re: Christmas presents (swag thread)

    Post  Hippie on 28.12.11 0:45

    My Christmas list, that I had spent about a good 4 hours typing and hyperlinking, was completely ignored. I got Army PT sweats (but no shorts or T-Shirt, and I don't work out in sweats), an MW3 T-Shirt (I despise MW3, I just sold my copy), a book on how to get the highest possible scores on the ASVABs, some pants, a hoodie, a laptop, and a jacket. Now the laptop is nice but I already have a working computer. My mom noticed that I was getting pretty miffed and said "We didn't get anything on your list because it was too specific and we didn't want to get the wrong thing."

    I was really relying on Christmas to kinda jump-start my 'Nam impression by supplying me with the basics. Now it looks like I'll be asking for cash for my upcoming birthday and buying all of my gear myself, which sucks because I wanted to buy a flak-jacket.

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    Re: Christmas presents (swag thread)

    Post  russianairsoftkid on 29.12.11 9:31

    I got a magpul stock and I ordered a magpul foregrip and some hicaps.

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    Re: Christmas presents (swag thread)

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