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    For sale - 'all purpose', very custom, high performance VLTOR/Magpul M4 Carbine



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    For sale - 'all purpose', very custom, high performance VLTOR/Magpul M4 Carbine

    Post  JDGcamo on 07.02.12 12:18

    ‎I will post better, close up pictures when I get home.
    Now for sale is my prized custom creation, my VLTOR/Magpul M4. I've got tons of time and money into this gun but it's time to let it go (I've only had it for a few months now) to fund my "real steel" obsession - for the right price of course. I put it together to be my dream gun but I believe it is both beautiful and functional enough to appeal to the right buyer. I'll list its external and internal components below, with pictures to come when i get home.


    -Magpul PTS UBR, OD - stability of a full stock with the functionality and tactical advantages of a 6-position adjustable stock.

    -Magpul MIAD pistol grip, OD - comfortable and with interchangeable back straps to suit your hand, textured, and with a vented motor plate for efficient function and cooling.

    -King Arms VLTOR CASV-M, OD - full VLTOR trades along the monolithic, elevated top rail which provides great stability and optic mounting options even with bulky facemasks. Includes various rail lengths that can be positioned anywhere along the sides, bottom, and at 45 degree angles to suit your accessories and preferences. Also has a built in front BUIS, on level with the top rail when folded in case of optic failure or to use with the included rear iron sight. Comfortably fits the included 9.6v 1600mah butterfly battery and really any battery a standard handguard will (and more).

    -G&P VLTOR receiver - has all authentic VLTOR trades and MUR-1 upper. Very high quality body kit as is expected from G&P.

    -Echo 1 standard m4 length barrel with SRC aggressive flash hider - has NATO engravings, lightweight but durable metal.

    -KWA rear iron sight

    -G&P metal one piece hop up unit, SCS nub installed

    -Current inner barrel is from a stock gun, I will include a Madbull Black Python ver. II 6.03mm with the gun.

    -JG SYSTEM enhanced mechbox - shimmed, relubed, AoE corrected, compression improved, yields much better performance and efficiency in a very sturdy gearbox.

    -JG MOSFET - not the best but came with the box and will still protect when using lipo (I have not used a lipo with it)

    -JG blue motor - provides excellent trigger response, very efficient, and good RoF.

    -400fps with .2's, 375 with .25's (I have not chronoed but have used .3's for outdoor games, they function very well with this gun)
    -Range - 200' accurate (confirmed, measured)
    -ROF - 15rps
    -Groupings - 1" at 50' (I have pictures of the target to show this as well)

    I easily have $1,200 into this gun and I love it. It's very diverse - more accurate than anything on the field, both in CQB (at which its slightly above average RoF helps as well) and in field where it can function as an assault rifle, but can reach out and touch someone further than just about any other rifleman. A truly customized, tuned, high performance AEG.
    If you're interested, make me an offer. I'll let it go for the right price. I'd like around $1,000 ideally but am willing to negotiate.
    To recap, you get the gun, rear iron sight, Madbull Black Python ver. II 6.03mm tightbore, and a 9.6v 1600mah butterfly battery.

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    Post  JDGcamo on 11.02.12 14:23

    Price lowered to a very negotiable $850. Make me an offer.

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