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    Chest Rig+Leg Holster



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    Chest Rig+Leg Holster

    Post  Gunti222 on 17.04.12 16:56

    Okay I am having a clean out, I am trying to sell all of my modern stuff. So here you go. All of this stuff is not for trade, only sell.

    ITEM #1

    JG AUG A3 with stock parts, does not shoot well looking for 50 dollars. This is a good wall gun. Was going to be a project gun but the stock broke. Replaced stock all is good, just not shooting well.


    LEG HOLSTER, UTG going for 31 on Airsoft gi for sale here for 15 bucks. Hardly used.

    Chest rig, 15 bucks. Woodland camo, loads of room for stuff, has a huge pocket in behind all the other pockets great for field tools.

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    wolf six

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    Re: Chest Rig+Leg Holster

    Post  wolf six on 18.04.12 0:44

    I want the AUG
    oh and i might have a buyer for the g36


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    Re: Chest Rig+Leg Holster

    Post  TheRealBandit on 18.04.12 21:50

    wolf six wrote:I want the AUG
    oh and i might have a buyer for the g36
    Thats Me. $120 for the whole G36 package?


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    Re: Chest Rig+Leg Holster

    Post  Senko on 18.04.12 23:11

    is either still available? I could use the aug if it hasnt been sold yet. How many rounds are through the G36 if still available?


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    Re: Chest Rig+Leg Holster

    Post  Gunti222 on 23.04.12 13:55

    Sales pending on rifles, Gear still for sale! I need all this gone!

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    Re: Chest Rig+Leg Holster

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