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    Proper Howitzer Demonstration

    Blackhawk 5

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    Proper Howitzer Demonstration

    Post  Blackhawk 5 on 22.06.12 21:55


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    Re: Proper Howitzer Demonstration

    Post  flipa on 12.07.12 19:06

    Being an artilleryman, all I can say is wow. It's basically a m777 but with everything electronic and mechanical assisted.

    The only thing though, it can shoot 3 rnds in 14 seconds BUT THEN they'd have to reload the "ready tray" every time which takes up firing time. I can shoot every round in 4-6 seconds if my chief lets me do shortcuts plus a good m777 crew can shoot just as fast and lay just as fast. Still impressed though, now let's take it out on the field. Razz


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