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    California doesn't make sense once again


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    California doesn't make sense once again

    Post  flipa on 08.08.12 2:39

    So why are you doing this again?

    Some politician from California wants to ban "Maglocked" semi-automatic firearms (those that need special tools in order to reload a magazine) because he wants gun owners to use "featureless" firearms. Idk what is considered to be a featureless firearm but apparently it has to have a certain handgrip, certain pistol grip, and certain stock that allows you to have the normal mag release. Doesn't make sense.. You want to ban firearms that require twice as much time and effort to reload and oversee that you're allowing citizens to have normal functioning firearms? What?

    Sometimes I scratch my head for those who "try to run" the country. The ignorance and stupidity that runs in this country. Makes me sad. Really really sad.


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    Re: California doesn't make sense once again

    Post  Blackhawk 5 on 08.08.12 12:01

    ban california from the us, its for the children

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