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    WTS VSR 10, G3, Masada Externals, 1911


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    WTS VSR 10, G3, Masada Externals, 1911

    Post  airsoftsniper25 on 29.12.12 23:13

    I now have too many airsoft guns in my collection so I need to sell some of them. I prefer to meet in person, however I can ship if necessary. My current location is in Kennesaw, but I will be back at school in two weeks so I would prefer to meet before then if anyone is interested.

    TM VSR-10

    TM VSR-10, PDI outer barrel and base, harris style bipod, UTG illuminated scope, Laylax 6.03 tbb, 9ball bucking, laylax teflon cylinder, laylax zero trigger and piston, laylax spring guide, laylax cylinder head, laylax 150 spring installed.... will come with laylax 170 and 190 springs as well as 2000 madbull .4s.. All this would cost over $900

    Asking Price $400

    TM/JG G3 combo

    TM G3 base with KWA gen 1 gearbox and motor, TM hop up unit with Prometheus 6.03 tbb, JG receiver and front assembly... comes with a c-mag that needs a new pressure switch, 3 highcaps, basically a whole other rifle without a gearbox mixed with TM and JG parts include, JG stock and bottom receiver and hop up with madbull 6.03 tbb, TM front assembly, suppressor. The stock receiver broke and its impossible to find a replacement without spending tons of money. You can have two working rifles if you find a creative way to combine the broken upper receiver to the front assembly, but I am done messing with it for the time being and want to get rid of it.

    Asking Price $225 for everything pictured

    A&K Masada Externals

    Got the shell of this gun in a trade some time ago and was going to create a project out of it but realized it would take more work than I care to put into it. Includes the hop up unit with a barrel, madbull tbb I believe. The charging mechanism needs modification to work, the stock was super glued shut by the previous owner, and some screws are missing. Comes with 30rd PMAG

    Asking Price $50

    WE 1911

    Stock 1911 with 2 leaky mags that I do not want to fix. The gun shoots great, just need to fix the magazines.

    Asking Price $50

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    Re: WTS VSR 10, G3, Masada Externals, 1911

    Post  PhoenixFlyer on 30.12.12 2:23

    That is one good looking VSR.

    All I need is the Handguard Retaining Pin for the Masada, if your willing to part that out to me let me know.

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