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    I came to visit and almost cried

    MSG Ridgeway
    MSG Ridgeway

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    I came to visit and almost cried Empty I came to visit and almost cried

    Post  MSG Ridgeway on 21.09.15 6:54

    So I heard airdog is no more. Im sad to hear that, they were the biggest thing around and the whole reason I got started into airsoft. I look back and see the little micro cqb fields popping up and it makes me sick to my stomach. damn these people for ruining my childhood. Ive been out of the sport for a good while now, I play occasionally at a field up here in Jacksonville but that's about it.

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    I came to visit and almost cried Empty Re: I came to visit and almost cried

    Post  S.M.A. on 05.10.15 23:21

    Yeah, sad I never got to experience it. Had big plans too, have a good job and money to spend, got a truck that'll take me anywhere, but sadly the fields are no more and I can't stand cqb. There's no camouflage, no dirt, no rain, it's sad. Maybe once I get to a bigger city there'll be fields to play on. Does anyone have any pictures from the old field? They used to post pictures from every game that I looked forward to, but I can't find them sadly.

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