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    WTS ICS Olympic Arms M4A1



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    WTS ICS Olympic Arms M4A1

    Post  lethal_buddha on 25.05.09 18:22

    selling this ics olympic arms m4 hopefully for around 200. saving for either sniper upgrades or kwa m4. pretty good external condition, comes with 9.6v, mag, and a 4-9x scope.
    i'd like to meet at airsoft atlanta. willing to trade for upgraded gun, or stock kwa (or upgraded).

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    Re: WTS ICS Olympic Arms M4A1

    Post  Airsoftguy238 on 25.05.09 18:48

    what are some specs on the gun? How is the ROF and the range and fps

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    Re: WTS ICS Olympic Arms M4A1

    Post  |337 on 25.05.09 18:51


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    Re: WTS ICS Olympic Arms M4A1

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