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    Favorite Bands/Singers/Musicians


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    Re: Favorite Bands/Singers/Musicians

    Post  scooter on 10.06.09 16:28

    never have been a COB fan... its a little dark for me, the whole naming you band after european murders thing isn't really my cup of tea Neutral

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    Re: Favorite Bands/Singers/Musicians

    Post  Spectre on 10.06.09 16:33

    scooter wrote:never have been a COB fan... its a little dark for me, the whole naming you band after european murders thing isn't really my cup of tea Neutral

    True, but I still like it. I suppose you could say I have strange taste, or simply unique taste.

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    Re: Favorite Bands/Singers/Musicians

    Post  navyseal1000 on 03.08.09 20:42

    WPeake23 [SOTHG] wrote:
    NJSC wrote:You guys listen to some pretty heavy stuff, not really my cup of tea.

    Agreed. I thought of a few more:

    Cassettes Won't Listen
    Red Hot Chili Peppers (even though the old stuff was better than stadium arcadium)
    Led- Zeppelin
    Gnarles Barley
    Jack Johnson
    My Chemical Romance

    I love Led Zeppelin
    nice Will

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    Re: Favorite Bands/Singers/Musicians

    Post  reconsniperga on 05.08.09 10:52

    -My appologize for locking it.


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    Re: Favorite Bands/Singers/Musicians

    Post  WPeake23 [SOTHG] on 05.08.09 10:59

    ALSOOO Notorious BIG Very Happy

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    Re: Favorite Bands/Singers/Musicians

    Post  Q-bald on 05.08.09 11:15

    Of course I love Zeppelin,AC/DC,and all those Old Rock bands. But my bigest influence in Singer/songwriting has been Butch Walker
    He was the front man for a band called The Marvelous 3. Before the broke up, they were a local band from Atl. and had a few hits on the radio. He now is a solo artist and also a producer of artists like Pink, Avril Lavigne, and some others. His latest Project is his new band called "Butch Walker and the lets go out tonights" Check them out if you get a chance. It's not hard core, but when you get my age,a little melody is soothing to the ears.

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    Re: Favorite Bands/Singers/Musicians

    Post  Electioneer on 05.08.09 11:53

    Taylor swift elephant

    she is cool and she writes about breakups and love and that is cool he songs r gudlol.

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    Re: Favorite Bands/Singers/Musicians

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