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    Almost poisoned by Salmonella this year



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    Almost poisoned by Salmonella this year

    Post  navyseal1000 on 09.06.09 22:40

    Ever heard of the populer Austin's PB sandwhich crackers? Well at about the 15 of Jan, I was snacking on them and fliped the channel to news and saw a recall of Austin's peanut butter crackers (any) and all lots. While I was eating some. When I saw it, I looked down and sure enough - Austin Cheese Crackers With Peanut Butter the same crackers that were on tv, lol. Right now, I'm having stomach problems and getting very aggressive like punching my wall and knocking holes in it. I still have one of the packs left, I'll take a pic of them once I get the chance.


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    Re: Almost poisoned by Salmonella this year

    Post  ATLAS on 10.06.09 21:17

    do you know what the phrase "psychosomatic" means? Your stomach is probably feeling weird because you are waiting for it too. As far as you getting aggressive and punching stuff??? there really is no logical explinations for that. If you had eaten PB infected with Salmonella you would have started to become sick within 3 days. if it didn't effect you by then...you don't have salmonella. Also, I very seriously doubt that since, "about the 15 of jan" you have eaten nothing that could have upset your stomach...so don't go around giving PB crackers a bad name!


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    Re: Almost poisoned by Salmonella this year

    Post  reconsniperga on 10.06.09 21:22

    Err, I will lock this, if you think you have Salmonella, go to the ER or something.


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    Re: Almost poisoned by Salmonella this year

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