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    TESTING THE WATERS: Custom M14 DMR w/ extras! ALL YOU NEED



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    TESTING THE WATERS: Custom M14 DMR w/ extras! ALL YOU NEED

    Post  Electioneer on 23.02.10 22:29

    Hey Everybody, I have once again collected too many AEGs for my liking and I am thinking of letting this one go.

    Custom Classic Army M14 DMR - $480

    I wanted to build an M14 for a long time and after using it some I just don't think is fits my play style. The stock cracked where you grip it and I epoxied it back together then made a bootleg grip with little slots for finger which turned out to be pretty comfortable. The stock also cracked near the bipod which was also fixed with some well placed tape. I made it go semi only because of field limits here.

    Internals Upgrades:
    Rewired with 16 AWG
    Deans Connectors
    Deepfire Piston (Shaved 2nd tooth)
    G&P Explosive piston head
    Madbull M120 Sping
    EDGI 6.01mm barrel
    7mm Bushings
    Systema Bucking
    SCS nub
    11.1v lipo (Included)
    Semi only Mod

    Harris Style Bipod
    Leapers Scope
    Low profile rings
    Scope mount
    SRC Suppressor
    Ice Cream Paintjob(Yea buddy)
    Custom grip

    SO. You get all of this along with:

    3 CA hicaps (470rnd)
    11.1v 15C 1250MAH lipo

    If you want any more pictures let me know. Also, throw me an offer. The worst I can say is no.

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    Re: TESTING THE WATERS: Custom M14 DMR w/ extras! ALL YOU NEED

    Post  Takfire on 24.02.10 22:22

    Nice gun!
    Would sure like to have it on display at the AIRDOG shop.

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