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    Minimum range needed for ACZ


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    Minimum range needed for ACZ

    Post  S.M.A. on 24.05.11 21:25

    I have a gun of my own, and i've been thinking of going to ACZ, and i know if i dont have an aeg ill get pwned. but i have a friend that has one and his has a range of 30ft. i was going to use that as a backup, a gun i can use 1\2 the time or less. its accurate, but after the 30 ft, the bbs curve straight up. there is no hop up adjustor switch but yeah i just need to know if 30 feet is good for the acz cqb field. mine shoots just as good as a good aeg, and shoots just as hard and the same amount of range, 150 ft just getting prepared for it.us any help works. Thnx
    just some kid

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    Re: Minimum range needed for ACZ

    Post  just some kid on 24.05.11 21:59

    try using a heavier BB. .12's will fly up in pretty much every gun. 30ft will be ok in the town but once you step out of it then you'll have a hard time. what you can do is use the springer outside of the town and try to hit people from a distance and then when you get closer to the people switch guns. either way if you come out to the field i'm sure you'll get a better view of what the field is like and what kind of gun you want to save for. another suggestion is to rent a gun. i'm not sure how much that is but i think it covers a mask, some bb's, the gun, and your entrance fee.
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    Re: Minimum range needed for ACZ

    Post  Newnan Airsoft Player on 24.05.11 22:41

    No, don't even bother using a LPEG at ACZ unless your right next to the guy. The low fps of LPEG's make it hard to feel and the range is really inconsistent and lacking. Save up and get a JG or something over 100 bucks at least.


    Re: Minimum range needed for ACZ

    Post  Guest on 24.05.11 23:56

    Even if you were to hit your target at 30ft, they wouldnt feel it if they were wearing any sort of clothing, which many players at ACZ are prone to do. I would recommend getting an entry level AEG before attempting to play at ACZ.

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    Re: Minimum range needed for ACZ

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