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    Tons of gear FS in Atlanta



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    Tons of gear FS in Atlanta

    Post  e30m50tu on 22.06.11 22:38

    I just got out of the USMC and I'm in the process of liquidating my stockpile of gear. Everything is in The metro area and delivery can be arranged.

    Please email or call, I don't check this forum enough! e30m50tu@gmail.com or six seven eight, six nine seven, eight four zero nine.

    Thanks for looking,

    Cleaning out all my unused gear from my Time in the USMC. All Prices are in USD and DO NOT include shipping. I will ship any item Internationally. Prices are slightly negotiable. I love to trade! Currently looking for M4 10.5" upper, A2 14.5" upper, Vanaras HW mag internals.

    Make me an offer! I need to move this stuff to help fund a BMW race motor build!!

    Email is fastest! e30m50tu@gmail.com

    Eagle Ind. Plate Carrier with Cummerbund $200 Brand New

    RRV Copy OD Condor (I think) $50 a little dirty and used 8/10

    Eagle Ind. Hydration Carrier with MOLLE and/or Shoulder Straps OD $60 Brand New

    Admin Pouches OD:
    Top Left: Eagle Ind. NVG Protector OD $30 Brand New
    Top Right: Maxpedition (I think) Admin w/ pistol/flashlight pouch OD $20 Used 9/10
    Bottom Left: Pantac Large GP Pouch OD $20 Brand New
    Bottom Right: Unknown Brand Admin Panel OD $15 Used, sightly dirty 9/10

    Top Left: Eagle Ind. MBITR Pouches OD x2 $25/each 1 Brand New, 1 Slightly Used 9/10
    Top Right: Maxpedition Large Roll up Dump Pouch OD $40 Brand New
    Bottom Left: Unknown Brand Double Pistol Pouch OD $15 Used, slightly dirty 7/10
    Bottom Right: Eagle Ind. Single Pistol Pouches OD w/ Kydex inserts (flaps cut off) x2 $10/each Brand New

    Grenade Pouches OD:
    Top Left: Eagle Ind. M203 Triple pouches OD w/flap $25 Brand New
    Top Right: Eagle Ind. Frag Grenade Pouch OD x3 $15/each Brand new
    Bottom Left to Right: 1x Eagle ind. Large Flash/stun Pouch OD $15 Brand New , 2x Eagle Ind. Medium Flash/stun Pouch OD $15/each Brand New, 1x Unknown (Maybe Eagle Ind.) Medium Flash/stun Pouch OD $15 Brand New

    M4/16 Magazine Pouches OD:
    Top Left to Right: Unknown Brand Triple Shingle OD $15 Used, Condor Triple Shingle OD $15 Used
    Center Row: Eagle Ing Double M4/16 Magazine Pouch OD $25/each x5 Brand New
    Bottom Left: BlackHawk! Double M4/16 Magazine Pouch OD $20 x2 used, slightly dirtly 9/10
    Bottom Center: Eagle Ind. Triple M4/16 Magazine Pouch OD $25 Brand New
    Bottom Right: Condor Double M14 Magazine Pouch OD $20 Used, slightly dirty 9/10

    Large ALICE Mountain Ruck WITHOUT frame or shoulder straps $100 Brand New

    PEQ 15/16 Accessory Kits: Many to choose from! $20/each

    NVG Hardware Set: $150 Everything is new and mostly complete. Helmet Plate (PASGT/USMC LWH) w/ ratchet strap, Rhino Mount, J-Arm (AN/PVS 14), Weapon Rail Mount (AN/PVS 14), Accessory Kit (compass, manual, filters, nape strap, etc...), Carrying Bag OD

    Top Left: MSR Inline Water Purification Filters for Camelbak, Source, etc... $10/each x2 NIB
    Nomex FROG Hoods: All New, 1 NIB $25/each x3

    Top Left: PC/FLAK/BA Hip Pads $20 Used
    Top Right: Hatch Elbow Pads OD $20 for all (2x elbow, 1x knee)
    Bottom Left: Tan Google Covers $5/each x2 Used, USMC Helmet Cover $10 (Fits Med. MICH/ACH) Well Used
    Bottom Center: Leather Repelling/Fast Rope Gloves $25 Brand New
    Bottom Right: Blackhawk! Knee Pad CB $10 (only 1, slightly used)

    Top Row: Condor M4/16 Magazine Pouches (hold 4 mags) Tan $15/each x2
    Bottom Row: Padded Optics Pouches CB Eagle Ind. contract item $25/each x3 New

    M4/16 Magazine Pouches FireForce FSBE II contract item CB $10/each x4 Used, very dirty (nothing that can't be cleaned)

    Top Row: Eagle Ind. M4/16 Magazine Double Magazine Pouches FSBE II contract item CB $30/each x2 Used, slightly dirty 9/10
    Bottom Left to Right: Eagle Ind. FSBE II Pen Flare Pouch (I think, maybe a VBSS item) CB $20 used, slightly dirty 9/10, Eagle Ind. Multi Grenade Pouch (smoke) CB $20 used, very dusty, Eagle Ind. FSBE II Frag Pouch CB $20 used 9/10

    Top Left to Right: Blackhawk! MBITR Pouch CB $25 used, Motorola Radio Pouch CB $20 used, very dusty, TAG MBITR Radio Pouch CB $20 New, Maxpedition Radio Pouch CB $20 New
    Bottom Left to Right: Rite-n-Rain Note pad cover Tan $5, BDS Admin panel CB $25 New, Digital Camera Pouche CB $20/each x2 used, slightly dirty 9/10

    SDS MOLLE II M4/16 Magazine Pouches CB x1, WL x2 $15/each New ,CB SDS CQB Mag Pouch $15 used, SDS Frag Grenade Pouch $10 CB x1, WL x1, SDS M203 Grenade Pouch $15 WL x1, DCU GP Pouch $10 used, dusty

    Slings: USGI 2pt OD $15 x3 (complete)
    Bottom Left: Spec-Ops. 'Mamba' 3pt. (Two slings) CB $20 for both
    Bottom Right: Specter 3pt. Tan $25 used

    Top: HSGI Medium pistol holster Horizontal MOLLE mount! m1911,m9,p226 $30 Never used, slightly dirty
    Middle: G-Code m9 holster LEFT HAND! $20
    Bottom: Pistol Lanyard $5 new

    Top Left: North American Rescuse Products IFAK Pouch Large w/ dividers/pockets/elastic Tan $50 New, slightly dusty
    Top Right: Unknown Brand Padded Binocular Pouch Tan $20 used, slightly dusty
    Bottom: Outdoor Research Insulated Nalgene Pouches BLK $20/each New with tags

    Top Row: Blackhawk! Leg Rigs CB/Tan $40/each x2 (your choice)
    Bottom: Spec-Ops. Modular MOLLE Leg Platform CB $25 used, slightly dirty

    Complete NIB USMC issue IFAK (no Pouch, Just the medical goodies) $75

    Davies/Selex TASC-1 Headsets Brand New w/ Nexus PTT $350/each x3

    Motorola Bone Transducer Headset Brand New $250

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    Re: Tons of gear FS in Atlanta

    Post  NJSC on 22.06.11 23:53

    You must post all the information to this thread not just a link. I will email you this to make sure you get the information. We'll give it 24 hours.

    Boom that just happened.


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    Re: Tons of gear FS in Atlanta

    Post  e30m50tu on 23.06.11 1:46

    Thread now contains the ad from the link...

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    Re: Tons of gear FS in Atlanta

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