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    cybergun at their tricks again....


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    cybergun at their tricks again....

    Post  savoy6 on 20.06.12 14:23

    ok folks...i'm not much on petitions...moreover EU/Interpol aimed ones...but right is right....
    ..in France and probably other countries in the EU soon ,Cybergun...you know the guys we've all seen the trademarking issues with over here,.....have been at it hard over there.they have gone and trademarked everything from brand names they don't even sell like Tokyo Mauri,KWA,Marushin,Maruzen,etc. to even common airsoft words and phrases like "hop up","airsoft","softair","don't shoot the creature" used in packaging which makes everything but their products "counterfeit" in either product form or by it's packaging....even if they are a brand like Tokyo Mauri that predates the founding of Cybergun by more than 20 years...
    so here's a link to the worldwide petition to help stop Cybergun doing what they tried here and are doing in France to other country's players....if your a player,please sign ...even if you aren't please help keep a monopoly from squeezing more money from folks.....

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    Re: cybergun at their tricks again....

    Post  drizzetsrevenge on 21.06.12 18:00

    i cant believe this, they are trying to take over. and not only that, their guns suck.

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