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    Operation: Oklahoma Invasion 8


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    Operation: Oklahoma Invasion 8

    Post  Contra. on 27.02.13 15:31

    Hey gents,

    How are you all doing? I dont know how many of you know or have heard about "Milsim Events" (MSE), but they are the creators of the Oklahoma Invasion series which is a great series. At OKI6 we had tanks, APCs, Helicopters, other vehicles and we had 660 people show up. Last year some Legal stuff was happening with 2 different groups, but it is now settled. This was easily the best OP I have ever been to. I am curious as to if any one would like to make the trip up there. I was thinking we could all take one vehicle and split the cost of gas (how ever many of us there are). The date right now is set the very last weekend of August/begining of september and is a $99 registration fee. I am planning on meeting up with some of my guys from AirsoftNebraska. They are a great group of players and work well together. If you are curious about the OKI series, there is plenty of information out there and plenty of videos on youtube. Please say something if you are interested. The website is www.Milsimevents.com. This website was just brought back online a few months ago, so they are still in the process of getting the Forum back online. I am just seeing how many of you would possibly be interested in making the trip with me. I have a midsized car, but if there is someone out there with a van and several people want to go, we could go that route. Thanks guys.



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